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As a person how we filter our words many a times,while interacting with others. Suppressing emotions of being hurt at the moment,we come across with a smile on our face to fit in with the people around.To not appear weird to others around,we put those emotions at bay putting mask of a happy person. What is the cost we will pay for ignoring and suppressing emotions of being hurt,of sadness,of grief or loneliness.When we allowed them to be felt for some time it felt like,they were piercing our body,aching our heart,paining our mind and then we denied them the right to be felt.We may have started numbing them by different means. Someone may be trying drugs,others might be numbing it with alcohol or cigarette. We judge some people who to numb their feelings are using these "conventional and known" methods.These methods are usually seen as harmful by most people. Look at you!Are you not numbing your feelings too by not those methods,but something else?Are you not binge eating while feeling anxious,are you not streaming videos for hours while feeling stressed,are you not keeping yourself busy over internet to avoid thinking about your suffering and acknowledging it? If yes then, you are using above methods whom i call "non-conventional and creative" to avoid feeling any such emotion; which makes you uncomfortable.You may say ohh but these methods like binge eating etc;happens unconsciously in daily lives,in an unplanned way.May be to an extent you are right,but even for a second while being involved in these methods you might be aware. Any emotion which makes you feel uncomfortable,you dislike the sensation of feeling it.I think using both "known,conventional" and "creative,non-conventional" methods are equally harmful because both prevents you from realization that "you are suffering".And no healing starts without this realization.It is the first step to start your healing journey. . . . #thestory #thoughts#expression#words

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